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Freelance Photographer in Mykonos, Greece

Alexandra Charmpali is a well-known photographer based in Mykonos, Greece, specialized in portraiture, theatre, fashion, interiors, weddings and travel worldwide.

Her work appears in publications ranging from newspapers to fashion magazines.

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Passion of Alexandra Charmpali

My passion

I love to shoot happy dreamy to the heart images!

My goal is to give you something that would be of high emotional value to you and your family in the future.

Alexandra Charmpali - Photographer

Alexandra Charmpali


Mykonos Town - Photo by Alexandra Charmpali

My Services

I love to create pictures that tell stories as well as documentary people in their most honest and vulnerable moments.

When I do wedding photography I do it in a free style documental way which make my couples feel from models posing for a magazine to ordinary people.

Alexandra Charmpali - Photo of Shadow

What I offer

I see my work as a collaboration with my clients. I am not a strict photographer that only captures what is there; I am capturing how I am feeling about it as well.

I am only interested in real smiles, real expressions and real motions. I have learnt during my time as a photographer that my favorite images are created when there is a genuine communication between the person I am photo shooting and myself.

My intension is to help create the space for my clients to be themselves and above anything else to remember what they felt on their photo shooting day.

Alexandra Charmpali Fashion Photographer

Out of the box...

I always find traveling fascinating. Especially when combined with photography assignments cause it forces me to think outside my box and raises my awareness to a higher level.

Windmills - Photo by Alexandra Charmpali

About me

    I am a professional photographer specialized in street photography, portraits, interior & exterior photography, fashion and still life.

    I have been working for more than a decade based in Athens, Greece but have been also located in Corfu & Mykonos islands.

    I have collaborated with a lot of newspapers and magazines, advertising companies, Hotels, variety of shops and other clients.

    I enjoy my work and always have as a priority to please my customers by giving the best of my self.

Alexandra Charmpali contact

Contact Me

Alexandra Charmpali

Email 1: info@mykonosphotoshooting.com

Email 2: info@alexandracharmpali.com

Phone: (+30) 694 6031865

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